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You have been chosen worthy.

You have decided to become aware and to play the game of Real Life. You are objective. You are reality-based. You observe the world with kind judgment and practical optimism. You always smile because you are good enough. You accept failure and your weaknesses wholeheartedly because you learn from them. You continue to develop your strengths for the good. You act with compassion because you are thankful for life, the universe and everything. You greet, praise and celebrate everyone with deep sincerity. You live in the present and that is your gift. You will share this gift to anyone who accepts it. You claim ownership of unconditional happiness.

And, YOU will help me save the world.

The chosen are required to have an initial character class. Let's find out yours. Choose one from the uncolored traits and one from the colored traits that describe you most of the time. The convergence of those two traits will determine your initial character class. This is your first quest as an Adventurer in the Hero's Journey.

For an overview of all initial character classes, click here.

Side Quest: Show your vulnerability to at least one person and start knowing who you really are.