Thursday, July 28, 2011

Adventurer Class: ROGUE RANGER

"You live for a higher purpose, be wise and discerning."

Mighty one, you have definite ideas about how things should be. You believe in maintaining standards and you hold yourself (and others) accountable to those standards. You are meticulous. You are oftenattracted to work that require a great deal of attention to detail.

You like the idea of neatness and order, but not necessarily the practicality of being clean. You are rarely warm and cuddly, but you make great efforts to be sincere and honest. You are a trustworthy friend who will be there when your loved ones need you.

You believe in having principles in life. That is why you are attracted to organizations with values you identify with. Traditionally, rogue-rangers are involved with religious, political and civil societies. You enjoy seeing things clearly in black and white and avoid anything that are compromising, uncertain and ambiguous. You are good at concentrating at one task at a time and get annoyed with interruptions. You are careful, thorough and disciplined.

You need to practice looking at situations from different perspectives. Try to open your mind to different ways of thinking. Allow yourself the flexibility of different possibilities.

Practical Quests:
1. Develop your appreciation for humor. Watch comedy shows. Laugh with friends.
2. Avoid the word "should", try using "I want to..." or "I don't want to..."
3. Observe yourself when you are being sarcastic or cynical.
4. Observe other people's reactions when you are being sarcastic or cynical.
5. Find a safe outlet for your negative emotions, especially anger.
6. Learn to forgive yourself.
7. Realize that not being perfect does not mean you are not good, great or excellent.
8. Avoid fantasizing about changing people.
9. Try to relax several times a day.

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