Wednesday, August 3, 2011

RPG Monsters in Real Life

All adventurers regardless of skill and experience encounter monsters on a day to day basis. Sometimes we ignore them, sometimes we can simply avoid them. As adventurers, it is better to engage them head on. Monster encounters are always beneficial even if we sometimes have to retreat or sometimes lose a battle. Fighting monsters will remain to be one of the best learning experiences you will have in your Journey. Let us take a look at some of the more popular monsters other players have willingly detailed for you.

From the diverse habitats of Time Sink Valley, we have the top 3 monsters who eat up your temporal resources. We all know that each and every player is given 24 units of time in one day, and 60 sub-units per unit. You must not allow these monsters to steal them away from you.

Goblins of Distraction
Insidious creatures, they disguise themselves as pretty little shiny things that amuse and invite you to engage with them. Their most popular form these days are feline in nature. Several of them have studied the esoteric magic of Cybernetikos, the digital god of imagination. Several cantrips may work on these pesky little monsters as well as a properly prepared Planning scroll. High scores in Worth and Endurance can help in fighting these pests.

Basilisk of Procrastination
Be careful of the paralyzing gaze of this salamander-like being. It comes from a different dimension and it is always attempting to transport its prey through the forbidden veil. You must not give in to the paralysis that the Basilisk induces. It is a mere psychic suggestion, an illusion that you must check your awareness for.

Crystal Golem of Perfectionism
There is a challenge when everything becomes transparent. A tiny voice may lure you to continuously adjust and review and redo. Clarity becomes refracted into numerous choices that choosing and settling for one becomes almost impossible. If you fall into the trap of this golem then it might quite be impossible to get the job done. Use the Done cantrip to realize that something finished is good enough.

In the Valley of Time Sink, the Eye of Isis amulet of self-awareness is a strong relic that can help you to ward off these nasty things that linger and feed upon your precious time.

Stefan Sagmeister, a veteran adventurer,  has a great way of recovering time from all the monsters from this treacherous valley. Watch and learn.

Photo courtesy of Andrea Alemanno

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