Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Your Character Class in the Game of Life

You have been chosen worthy.

You have decided to become aware and to play the game of Real Life. You are objective. You are reality-based. You observe the world with kind judgment and practical optimism. You always smile because you are good enough. You accept failure and your weaknesses wholeheartedly because you learn from them. You continue to develop your strengths for the good. You act with compassion because you are thankful for life, the universe and everything. You greet, praise and celebrate everyone with deep sincerity. You live in the present and that is your gift. You will share this gift to anyone who accepts it. You claim ownership of unconditional happiness.

And, YOU will help me save the world.

The chosen are required to have an initial character class. Let's find out yours. Choose one from the uncolored traits and one from the colored traits that describe you most of the time. The convergence of those two traits will determine your initial character class. This is your first quest as an Adventurer in the Hero's Journey.

For a short overview of your character class, click here.

The longer descriptions are in the Learning Guild forums.

Side Quest: Show your vulnerability to at least one person and start knowing who you really are.


  1. What an awesome TED talk!

  2. Devon & Candy. As a primer, here's a small bit about the Bard Explorer. You live to discover and experience what life has to offer. Life to you is a great adventure and you can't wait for next moment to start. Take a pause to enjoy the present and find happiness in simple joys.

  3. I'm a bard explorer! Very good! In IRL-RPG I am a Rouge, which is a Bard subclass. My Party Role (in IRL-RPG) is DPS (because I work on the macro of the group), which sort of lines up with an Explorer. Pretty cool!

  4. Emma & Jack, check out the class descriptions on the next post. :)

  5. bf: class 5 Seer Alchemist

    can i be a bd: class 9 Druidic Monk? hehe

  6. Isi, I think you are more like a Monk. You are the 3rd dual class I have encountered. Monks aside from keeping the peace, can also be good observers and intellectuals.

    Randy, you are the ultimate support character! You are well loved by those around you because they feel safe when they ask help from you. Is this correct?

  7. bd: class 9 Druidic Monk

  8. mystery from gamefulThu May 05, 12:57:00 PM PDT

    af: class 3 Champion Warrior

  9. I am an af: class 3 Champion Warrior

  10. I'm a bf: class 5 Seer Alchemist.

  11. I'm totally a bard explorer. From the descriptions, I thought I might verge toward the mage empath for the hermit factor, but I'm *definitely* a bard explorer.

    (Demographic note: I thought it was kind of telling that the first two comments were the explorers -- we're the early adopters, always on board with something new and exciting, aren't we? LOL...)

  12. Replies
    1. Awesome Gina, The Peacemaker. You find ways to see both sides of the coin. Your challenge is to assert your choices and preferences when you are with trusted friends. They will appreciate you more for your candor, and you will appreciate them for listening to your opinion. :)