Friday, April 29, 2011

Overview of Character Classes

If you haven't done so, determine your character class here. It's hard to go about The Game not knowing your behavioral tendencies, your powers and your weaknesses. To start off, you have to know what you live for and what it is that can help you find your true self. To be sure, you are more than your initial class. As an adventurer you will continue to develop yourself until you can join one of two factions. For now, you have to decide who you are now. Your journey starts here.

As a Rogue Ranger, you live for the greater good. Just like Robin Hood, you fight for what is right even if it means that you have to do it your own way. You may find clarity in contemplating on society's norms. Think about why Pop is popular.

As a Tank Healer, you live to support others. You are the ultimate companion, always in service to those you care for. You might even over exert yourself at times. Find strength in self love. Even fire fighters know to save themselves first, before they can save others.

As a Champion Warrior, you live to fight and win. You enjoy achievement and success. You are driven, energetic and ambitious. You might overlook the successes of those around you. It would be good for you to show weakness once in a while, admit your mistakes and realize that everything is okay. Find value in the pleasures of life and worth in the mundane.

As an Empath Mage, you live to express your own individuality. Your powers of empathy extend your senses from within to those around you. Feelings and emotions may overwhelm you, and you might even shy away from crowds or society itself. Some Empaths are known to live as hermits. Find growth in accepting your powers as well as your faults without judgment.

As a Seer Alchemist, you live to observe, understand and know things. You are a genie kept in a bottle because it is difficult for you to bring to reality some of the most awesome ideas. You know the difference between looking and seeing, between hearing and listening, and between feeling and knowing. You have to work hard to find enjoyment in the wonders of the real world.

As a Ninja Chevalier, you live for the security of your family, guild and empire. Once you have pledged your loyalty to your sovereign, you will fight against all its enemies. You have a deep sense of honor. Your greatest challenge is to find courage in the goodness of life.

As a Bard Explorer, you live to discover and experience everything life has to offer. Existence to you is a great adventure and you can't wait for next moment to start. Take a moment to enjoy the present and find happiness in simple joys.

As a Barbarian Chief, you live to be a strong voice for the weak. Your robust personality is legendary and sometimes evoke fear and criticism. You deflect your detractors with ease. Build on your strengths and find trust in leading others towards a shared goal.

As a Monk Druid, you live to balance Life's forces. You come close to the term True Neutral. You sit on the fence with comfort. You are uncomfortable when the only choices are black and white. You find peace in resolving conflicts.

If you would be so kind as to tell me how the descriptions relate to you in real life. I would like to know how similar the descriptions are to your personality. I have found that they are fairly accurate offline. Our adventures will start once we have a party going on. Meanwhile, it is time for you to quantify your attribute scores.



  1. How my character class choice reflects the real me? hmm...

    Choosing Empath Mage was difficult because I am just as much or more of a Seer Alchemist. I am very attuned to emotions in others and in myself and am very analytical about those emotions. I regularly feel and intellectually contemplate the feeling (and then contemplate the contemplation). I do own my individuality often to even being quite stubborn about it. I'm also an observer and experimenter though. I seek truth, understanding and clarity, such as coming to the realization that my atheism is a personal faith. I cannot demonstrate proof in many scientific phenomenon but I am certain there is a non-deific reason for the happenings of things. I have faith in the absence of deities, for example. I constantly consider rationale and cause behind occurrences and states of being, both by interpolation and by extrapolation. I have a Masters Degree (and essentially 10 years of subsequent unemployment as well) in Clinical Psychology. My thesis correlated amino acid concentrations in diet with mood and depression. I think feelings and I feel thinkings. If you are aware of the old Myers-Briggs exercise, my last scores in it were actually dead center on the two scales. Joy!

    Ultimately I chose Empath Mage because right now I am examining my capacity to be "destroyed" by emotions or situations of the moment though later I realize that I was overreacting within myself while in the "moment" ("moments" such as these are often hours long).

  2. Good job, Oracle! That is your intermediate class. The combination of thoughts and feelings allow you to provide insight from your multi-focal observations and project them into the foreseeable future. This is not entirely magical, this is the result of the harmony and integration of what you have perceived, felt and thought. Your challenge intrinsic to both mage and alchemist is to manifest the best of your ideas and feelings into something real for yourself and the people who are important to you. Of course, the prerequisite to that quest is to figure out what is truly IMPORTANT to you. Game on, Avalon!