Friday, April 1, 2011

The Coolest Gadget (So Far)

My friends call it "iPadPaper" with great enthusiasm. I call it functional. The recent release of iPad 2 has nothing on myPadPaper. It's easily a winner in the mass market. This particular crowd pleaser has absolutely no need for charging, its "advance" OS runs 100% on its user's mechanical energy. 3rd party input devices like the classic Mongol 2.0 is available everywhere.

This model comes with 500 pp memory and is resistant to falls of up to 10 meters. I accidentally dropped this one from our building's 3rd floor with just a teeny-tiny bit of scratch, but all my data are still intact. Just be careful, this thing of beauty is still not weather- or coffee-proof. So, don't jump into the pool or the sea with it just yet.
It has the best contrast ratio I have used under the direct rays of the sun. The down side is that its visual display is very traditional without an active matrix for illumination. Don't fret, mods are available for your convenience. This add-on is useful on camping trips where you won't find a socket on a wall (or a wall for that matter).
One thing about myPadPaper is that it's sometimes hard to do a topic search. So, I easily googled a hack and found something I should have figured out for myself. A folding hack!
A friend also suggested a particular upgraded model with actual bookmarks on the pages and a leatherette binding.

Wow! I love the idea. I should get mine upgraded soon.
The best feature I love about myPadPaper is the instantaneous downloading of apps. When you find a game you want to play with a friend or more, just go ahead and do it. It has the most intuitive multiplayer interface I have ever seen. Moreover, all apps are backward and forward compatible with any OS version, including mods, hacks and even warez.
myPadPaper comes in a variety of models. It can be customized for a particular group or organization. No malware can ever get into the built-in security features. Just watch out for silverfis.h that can creep into the pages after several years of storage.
And, this last photo is one of the earliest pocket-sized models that is still being used to this day, myTickler.
PROS: Cheap, robust, functional, personalized font support
CONS: Not water-resistant, limited search capabilities
Overall Rating: 5 out of 5 sweet grapes

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