Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Measuring Happiness part 2 of 3


Yesterday I was watching Jane McGonigal's sermon on Productivity. I went along with her activity on making To Do lists and realized that it would be the perfect time to use the Happy CHARM+ Hex.

From now on, whenever I'll be writing down lists of tasks to do, I can just put a hexagon on the upper right hand corner. All items I list down will then be judged using the CHARM+ filter. Even mundane tasks like chores will now have the benefit of being part of the bigger picture because of the Hex. It gives me the much needed perspective when looking at tasks that I normally delay, postpone or worse end up not doing.

The Hex can also be used when writing down goals. Sometimes I don't realize why I do what I do. Sometimes I do things just because I can. For instance, career advancement. Getting promoted is generally a good thing, but sometimes it does not fit into my mission, vision or long-term goals.

The Happy Hex is so easy remember I can just pop it right in its own corner on any list, plan or strategy that I am doing.

Click here to take another look at the components of CHARM+.

Jane McGonigal - On Productivity from The School of Life on Vimeo.

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