Sunday, May 29, 2011

Specialized Characters

Player... as an adventurer in The Game, you will need to learn the various skills in the different character disciplines. Some will choose to develop the highest skills in one or two character classes. Some will attempt to have a taste of all possible skill sets and powers. A select few will master all skill sets and venture forth to become a member of The Avatar Council.

A member of The Council must have reached mastery in 3 categories.
1. Aura: One aura in each of the 3 auric spheres (Béke, Bruka, Bugnot)
2. Action: At least three active powers in each of the 6 attributes (Intellect, Sensory, Fitness, Awareness, Connection, and Universal)
3. Altruism: The council is an army of servants. The humble avatars dedicate the rest of their lives in service of humanity and the universe.

The Avatar's path is only for a select few adventurers who are NEVER called and NEVER invited but wholeheartedly choose to be on the path. Most adventurers are happy living their lives and fulfilling quests in the basic classes. Some are happy to optimize the powers from two classes. Here are some of the specialized character classes that come from a combination of skills from two of the basic classes.

Natural Affinity
Freedom Fighter: Barbarian Monk. Fights for the balance of power
Pioneer Captain: Chief Explorer. Leads to find new worlds
The Quester: Ninja Explorer. Quests to finish important tasks
The Scientist: Ninja Alchemist. Bent on bringing ideas into reality
The Oracle: Seer Empath. Knower of things of the mind, emotion and relationships
Champion Mage: Warrior Mage. Proponent of creative success
The Juggernaut: Champion Tank. Heavy duty supporter of winning teams
War Priest: Rogue Healer. Tends to the wounded in a battle of principles
Highland Lama: Monk Ranger. Teacher of the virtues in life

Natural Evolution
Béke Gladiator: Warrior Monk. Fights to keep the peace
The Paragon: Barbarian Tank/Healer. Great leader of a clan
Nomadic Friar: Bard Ranger. Spreads good news to the world
Hermetic Guru: Druid Seer. Keeper of wisdom & harmony
Sensei: Ninja Monk. Upholds truth & authenticity
Psionic Ardent: Chief Alchemist. Uses mental powers to influence, lead and show the way
The Erudite: Seer Explorer. Uses the past to venture into the future
The Alpha: Champion Protector. Able leader of the pack
Tactical Engineer: Rogue Mage. Tinkerer. Uses details to get out of sticky situations

Natural Calling
Elite Paladin: Tank Healer Protector. Highest ranked créme de la créme of soldiers
Béene Sovereign: Ranger Champion. Their royal highnesses bring glory to each of their citizens
The Seeker: Mage Healer. Provides solutions to all internal conflict.

The Auric Spheres
Béke (bee-keh, Hungarian for Peace) These are times of bliss. Moments when there is harmony and everything is flowing within the range of human expectations. Auras in this sphere aim to develop, evolve and transcend the human condition.
Bruka (broo-kah, Swedish for Habit & Cultivation) In our daily lives, we must be productive as part of a family or a community. Auras in this sphere improve fitness and wellbeing of workers and creatives.
Bugnot (boog-naut, Filipino for Negative Emotion) The universe in chaos does not always adhere to the human perception of reality. In times of frustration or crisis, adventurers must exude auras that promote balance, harmony and goodwill.

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