Sunday, June 19, 2011

Age of Conversation

Call to Action: Stop arguing. Start conversing.

In the Relationship Era, conversation is an essential part of our connection with one another. As we create our own stories with friends and strangers, we share our own versions of that story. But, what we sometimes miss is that we are all in the same story.

If we bring back our awareness to this unifying principle, then we might be able to forego some of our negative impulses like anger, fear, cynicism and control. Instead, we can start conversations in an atmosphere of shared meaning, mutual trust, true collaboration and openness to be changed.

So as we create the story of our lives, I highly recommend that we stop focusing on monsters, foes, bosses and arch-enemies. The real-life mysteries, painful slapstick, suspenseful deadlines, heart-rending family drama, exploratory adventures, romantic escapades and other true to life experiences should keep our stories enriched for exactly one lifetime, shouldn't they?

This blog was inspired by a TEDx talk by Susan Bird.

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