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RPG Attribute: Charisma

“When you enchant people, your goal is not to make money from them or to get them to do what you want, but to fill them with great delight.” Guy Kawasaki

CHA: Charisma (Synthesis)
represents your character's ability to connect with concepts, ideas and other Terrans. Through connections, your character generates goodwill and trust within your spheres of influence. A person's likability is determined by CHA. This attribute also affects the way people react to your words, actions and your overall presence. The extent of your character's auric power is determined by this attribute's score.

Nobody likes you. You like no one.

Your mother forgives you.

Only your mother cares what happens to you. You don't even care.
Everyone suspects you are up to no good. Your so-called friends are social deviants and criminals.
Some people suspect that you might be up to no good most of the time.
A secret few have seen that you're really not a bad person after all, and they are not even your friends.

You have at least one good friend who was there when you needed someone. You also have a few acquaintances who have done you favors. You try to return the favors when you can and if they ask. You are slow to trust strangers.

The first impression people have of you is that you are either aloof or shy. But, you know well enough that you could be fun and likable once they get to know you long enough. You are not good with negotiations so you don't even try. Conflict and arguments make you uncomfortable.

You are in a transition period. You feel trapped in a cocoon or inside your own shell. You want to break free but you are afraid that it is not yet the right time. You are wondering what is taking so long. You hope to get your wings soon.

You know that everyone just wants to be happy.  The problem is, people can't agree on the "how." You stopped waiting and break out of your self-imposed chains. You start to join the conversation.

More and more people are starting to listen to you.
You are listening more intently to more people.

You know what it takes to influence others. You see synergy at work.

You identify common goals with everyone you meet or work with. You have stopped looking for win-win situations anymore because with a common goal, a singular win is all everyone needs.

You share everything you know with anyone who needs it without looking for compensation. You realize that there is an unlimited universal flow of resources that cycles and that you are a critical part of. You believe in civility.
You get along with everyone even with people who are not nice. You have no enemies. You always find a pleasant way of working with people. You are highly connected. You know all the right people for anything that anyone needs. You are trusted.

Synthesis is not just influencing people. It also means your capacity to be influenced by great ideas. The malleability of your behavior improves how you are perceived because it reflects your confidence and security with your own values. Take for instance this 4-minute talk. Graham Hill makes a great case for pseudo-vegetarianism or alternatively you may want to call it quasi-carnivorism. How much sway does he have on you? There is no argument against his words. So, listen to your own excuses and think about it for a while.

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