Thursday, August 4, 2011

RPG Monsters in Real Life 2

Animals from the Mentis Jungle

The inhabitants in this lush forest range from playful to horrifying. Some are deceitful, most are earnest, but all of them must be avoided. When you encounter them, and you almost always will, be prepared with the proper counters and cantrips. Three creatures are revealed in this scroll.

Mind Monkeys
They infiltrate your consciousness at random times in the day. When you are idle or concentrating or when you are trying to sleep, they come. They force you to think and think and think. Things from the past, events that were unexpected, plans for the future, responsibilities that require your attention, conflicts that need resolving, a forgotten piece of information that you want to retrieve, something that has been nagging you for months. Thoughts that you cannot do anything about. These are the mind monkeys. Some of them do not even have names. They occupy you. They feed on your attention. They waste your time

Poisonous creatures that inflict numbness instead of pain. They drain your energy by infecting you with Worry Warts. Hope and positivity will slowly fade as if they were never there in the first place. All action will become futile. No form of assistance will be of help. No power can ever save you from the worst living nightmare of your life. You will never be good at anything ever again.

Flock of Confusion
This swarm comes from the Caverns of Unknowing. These exquisitely grotesque predators are mutated composites of avian and insectile descent. You will not know whether to be scared of them or be awed by their unsightly splendor. There are some nasty smells and aromas that you can't quite place, but you keep on sniffing. You know that it smells bad and yet it seems enticing you to smell it again for reconsideration. This is a sure sign that a flock in near. You won't know what to do because are too many things to consider, so many factors that affect the outcome. And, you simply don't know.

Elusive Eels
When you need focus, you can't. You need to prioritize, but you don't know how. You want to give a task your full attention, but you also want to do something else. You know you reminded yourself of something important, you can't remember it. An itchy feeling at the back of your mind is telling you there's something that you must do, but you don't know what. These are the elusive eels playing with you. They are fond of powerful adventurers like you. They know you have so many important things to accomplish, but they just want several seconds to a few minutes of your time. Stay for a while and play with them.

Be prepared. Exercise your mind. Stretch your mental capabilities, awareness and openness to new ideas. Paola Antonelli, curator of New York's Museum of Modern Art presents collaborative designs from artists and scientists. Allow your mind to be blown by the futurist concepts that may change human behavior in the near future.

Hippo-frog photo courtesy of Balt-Arts

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  1. I highly recommend the novel "the Diamond Age" by Neal Stephenson, brilliantly extrapolating a future from the things that are put forth in this TED-video. A really amazing and touching book, totally stretching the limits of imagination and reality.