Sunday, February 5, 2012

2012 and the Deck of Change

Dear Players,

My apologies for the neglect. I have been working really hard for the success of the relaunch of our magic item, The Deck of Change. I have found that aside from being a lot of fun, it is a very useful tool to help people think about their current readiness for change. I often introduce it as an "Oracle Reading" but that is not quite precise. The Deck of Change does not predict the future. It allows players to think and contemplate upon the present. You may call it the Seeds of Change or NowStorming.

It is pretty much like brainstorming, but you are focused on what you can do now to effect change or prepare for change. I present to you the card layout.

To do a NowStorming session without the Deck of Change. You may simply take 9 pieces of paper and write your own answers to these questions. Alternatively, you may roll a 2d8 (two eight-sided dice) and check the seed of change from the chart below. With the Deck of Change, you just pick 9 cards. Lay them in random order face down and flip them one at a time starting from the center.

Let us now look at our 2012 seeds.

Starting from the center, we have overflow. What aspects are excessive at present? Is this a positive abundance, a wasteful amount, or a destructive excess? Next is ready. We start change by deciding to accept  the consequences of all our actions and inaction. Transition then might be an unexpected change that will move us through time. The main challenge we have is rethinking our current status. What have we done in the recent past, what are our plans for the near future, and more importantly, what are we currently doing now. Discord is a rich source of change, wherever there is disharmony there is always a need to improve and make sense of all the noise and clutter. What we need to do to sustain change is caution. We must constantly remain vigilant and careful in what we do. Needless to say, there must always be a balance of will and whim, but careful preparations will allow us the freedom to decide properly. We need to radiate kinship. The human race is the 100% of all sentience on this planet. We can celebrate our differences, but we must always remember that we are just one. The characteristic of change for 2012 is travel. This does not necessarily mean the literal form of travel, but to explore new ideas or solutions that might not have been considered seriously before. In the end, the gradual aspect of change will help us bring forth to reality the positive changes that we want for 2012.

I hope this impromptu post has helped you think through your own changes. Thank you to the player who gave this GM a nudge towards positive action. Until next time, keep smiling. Game on!

-The Game Master

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