Thursday, July 28, 2011

Adventurer Class: BARD EXPLORER

Salutations, my felicitous Bard. You are the entertainer of the group. You know how to enjoy life and you have the distinct skill of turning work into play. You are the constant optimist. With your exuberance, you constantly create a growing network of friends and acquaintances.

As an explorer, you value freedom and you love exercising your freedom by try different things at the same time. This makes it hard for you to bring tasks to completion. Once you have started on a project, you tend to get distracted by other opportunities and possibilities.

You are very talented at improvising and innovating. And, you can do almost anything. This is not so much a talent as it is a skill of quick learning or learning on the fly.

You are the kind of person people like to have around - funny, charming and flexible. You are interested in everything and most everybody. This makes you very popular.

Your greatest challenge is to focus and concentrate on a task and stick with it to the very end. More often than not, time is the grounding factor for Bard Explorers. After all those experiences, you can then find the value of appreciating rather than accumulating.

Practical Quests:
1. Develop good health rituals of sleeping, eating and exercise.
2. Count blessings. Write it down. List a hundred.
3. Face reality by also looking at the negative side of the situation.
4. In a conversation, try to listen more than you speak.
5. Tell stories that are not about you.
6. Seriously consider working for yourself.

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