Thursday, July 28, 2011

Adventurer Class: BARBARIAN CHIEF

All mighty chief, you are confident and strong. You are grounded in physical reality and your aura of authority makes you seem larger than life. Your extreme vulnerability is hidden deep within your armor of vigor and independence.

Your courage allows you to protect the weak and helpless. Your defensive nature leads you to quick reactions. And, you might find it hard to control these emotions especially anger.

Like most barbarians, you need a way to channel your explosive energy. You may do this thru physical activity like martial arts or other strenuous sports that also require mental discipline.

Practical Quests:
1. Join a team or a martial arts dojo.
2. Realize that not everyone is as strong as you.
3. Show your weak side to someone you love.
4. Show your appreciation clearly and directly.
5. If you have strong feelings about an issue, write it down, read it to yourself and rewrite it. Repeat until the written version reflects the true essence of the issue presented in a coherent flow of thought. Then, read it out loud to those who are concerned.

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