Thursday, July 28, 2011

Adventurer Class: CHAMPION WARRIOR

You are a hero. But, not because you dare to save the world. You live to fight and win. Champion Warriors are born to succeed. You have great physical stamina and usually strive to take a task to completion, no matter how difficult. You have a tendency to work yourself to exhaustion. This is your strength and your weakness. It is a challenge for you to find extended periods of time for your own enjoyment and for your loved ones.

As you develop your skills, realize that you set an example to others. But, you also must realize not everyone can be as hardworking and excellence-driven as you. Learn to appreciate the small successes of others. Your greatest challenge is to find time to stop and smell the flowers.

Practical Quests:
1. When planning your week, schedule time to spend for specific people in your life even just for a non-working lunch or dinner.
2. Do volunteer work that does not advance your goals or career whatsoever.
3. Become aware of your working persona and your true self. Acknowledging the difference is the beginning of finding your true self.
4. Try to play games for fun and not to win.
5. Take a vacation and leave all your worries and communication devices at home.

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