Thursday, July 28, 2011

Adventurer Class: TANK HEALER

"Nurture yourself and others, your own well-being will help you give more compassion and goodwill to those who need you."

Tank Healers are the ultimate support characters. You are most probably a great leader in the service of others. You are motivated by your desire to create and develop meaningful relationships. You engineer strong bonds with people in order to discover yourself and figure out how you can actively participate in people's lives. You work hard to cultivate a strong social network through your family, school, workplace, profession, or pastimes.

You have a strong need for validation from those around you. This may be conscious or unconscious but your energy comes from an expectation for gratitude and acknowledgement. Just be careful to leave enough time and energy to take care of your own needs.

Your greatest challenge is to find strength in self-love and independence. Only then can you truly allow yourself to genuinely serve others.

Practical Quests:
1. Alot a weekly "me" time.
2. Practice saying, "No."
3. List sincere reasons for not being able to help. "I need to finish something." Or, "My schedule will not allow this."
4. Find joy in helping in little ways. You do not have to overgive all the time.
5. Avoid co-dependent relationships. Do not rescue people. Allow others to be responsible for themselves.
5. Try working within your job description every now and then.

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