Thursday, July 28, 2011

Adventurer Class: MONK DRUID

O peaceful one, you have the distinct skill of bringing people together. You are the symbol of harmony in any group. You value compromise, cooperation and collaboration.

You always see shades of gray and find it quite difficult to take sides. You know that there is no best side and that all sides have valid points. This is why you find it hard to make your own decisions.

As a druid, you are keeper of the status quo. You do not like change that are fast. You believe that development should follow the speed of a tree's growth. As such, your movements may also follow a slower pace. You could possibly cultivate the patience of a tree.

You prefer the simpler things in life, but find it hard to throw old things away. You are one of the most powerful characters, but you wisely wield your power only to restore balance.

You have the ability to see things in all the available perspectives. You are open to new concepts and ideas.

Practical Quests:
1. Ask friends out to a movie you want to watch.
2. List your interests and join a club or a group.
3. Give yourself a time limit when deciding on an issue.
3.1. Instead of answering, "I don't know." Try, "I'll let you know by tomorrow."
4. Make a schedule. Follow your schedule.
5. Do not delay your feelings too long and build up emotion. Feel it now, express it with good intention and then let it go.

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