Friday, July 29, 2011

Terran Journey: SKILLS

In The Game, all adventurers can learn the different powers and skills available. Powers are arranged according to attributes. Skills are organized according to classes. Adventurers of a class have proficiency for the corresponding skills under their class. This means that they can use their class skills immediately. They can also learn the other skills once they have achieved expertise in at least one of their class skills. Here is a list of some available skills and short descriptions.


- Decode Ambiguity: Know the real meaning of what is being expressed.
- Unlock Conversation: Open locked conversations with ease using ideation tools.
- Dodge Social Traps: Your social agility allows you to save yourself or an ally from corners and dead-ends.

- Topic Precision: You get to the point without missing a step.
- Persistent Action: Get an extra turn for consistent activities towards an objective.
- Quality Selection: You have a keen sense for excellence.

- Atlas Shoulders: You can accept the worldly burdens of allies. Use once a day when rested.
- Backup Boost: You have energy reserved for critical moments. Duration depends on Endurance.
- Hexalite Armor: Deflect emotional and psychic damage with armor that is stronger than diamond.

- Helping Hands: Physical work for the benefit of others. Success roll using Resilience.
- Healing Words: A spell that brings inspiration and intuitive concordance to an ally.
- Aura of Comfort: Your presence provides sanctuary to both friend and foe.

- Fighting Chance: All quest-related activities get a +1 on success.
- Bonus Attack: Get an extra turn for every miss or mistake in a regular round.
- Mitigation: Your awareness of your flaws and weaknesses allow you to defend yourself more effectively.

- Critical Focus: Full attention to a task can give you the leading edge towards success.
- Stunning Blow: Giving a task the full weight of your Efficacy & Synthesis creates a job well done.
- Extended Charge: Building on Endurance, you can continue on a task longer than expected.

- Illumination (Brilliance): You bring clarity to obscure ideas.
- Interwebify: You connect the right ideas to create an entirely new idea altogether.
- Pandora: A great idea pops out of nowhere.

- Sense Intent: Tacit understanding of people based on body language and nuanced expression.
- Bolt of Incision: You cut to the chase and find out what people want.
- Mirror Image: You mirror other people and figure out where they are coming from.

- Spellbind (Enthrall): You invoke inspiration using words.
- Prescience: You have a longer time frame to look into the foreseeable future.
- Identify: You can figure out what is what.

- Transmute: Transform ideas into different permutations.
- Solidify: Bring forth ideas into the real world.
- Preception (Inception): Create different perspectives and points of view.

- Will Blade of Grass: Allowance for fortitude and resilience rolls.
- Tree of Patience: Temporal management ability for waiting.
- Stone of Stepping: You can move through difficult times using one step at a time.

- Defensive Stance: Planting yourself heavily on the ground, you can withstand regular attacks.
- Blind Side Combat: You see your enemy's weakness and use it to your advantage.
- Head-on Charge: Bracing yourself, you can attack with full confidence.

- Amaze (Awe): Your charisma helps you connect with other adventurers.
- Felicity: Invoke positive energy. Number of use depends on Synthesis.
- Song of Wonder: Your performances can evoke different wonderful effects.

- Find Direction: Know where you are and where you are gonig.
- Phase Wall (Blink). Break down barriers to action and go where they say you couldn't.
- Feather Fall (Fly). Helpful when you step off cliffs or fall into traps.

- Command (Word): Tell someone to do a task without explaining yourself.
- Echo: Send a message across a distance even with multiple barriers.
- Brute: Force success upon a task.

- Inspire: Influence your tribe to achieve something without you telling them to do it.
- Instigate: Initiate a course of action.
- Involve: Find other leaders and enablers to empower your tribe.

- Gray Scale (Neutralize Poison): Sometimes removing the tints and shades provide a better view.
- Fortitude: Add +1 bonus to tolerance.
- Yield: Allow something to happen without barriers or difficulty.

- Seed (Nurture): Sow great ideas.
- Elaborate: Spread untold stories to propagate positivity.
- Engage: Connect with people and ideas.

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