Tuesday, July 19, 2011

RPG Attribute: Intelligence

"The reaction, the response of your relationship with other people, may be external; but that response is the outcome of an inward suspense, an inward anxiety, an inward fear. The outward awareness and the inward awareness bring about a total integration of human understanding."  Krishnamurti

INT (Intelligence) Open-Mindedness
The level of development of your INT will come from the level of your Acceptance of what is. All adventurers have the same capacity for accepting and retaining information. The main difference is determined by how much tolerance you have for new things, different perspectives and the humility to accept the great possibility that you might not know. The higher your INT the less barriers you place to create change. Seers, Bards and Champions will have a natural affinity to this attribute as they are continuously exposed to the entropic qualities  of reality.

The Game interprets INT as acceptance of the external world and the allowance of meaning into one's consciousness. Remember, everyone has the same capability to accept and allow. The only reason the commoners think that they are not intelligent enough is that they resist and deny the existence of what is. They would rather "believe" what they read or what others say than think for themselves.

At the onset of your development, you will feel stupid. Then, you will feel silly for feeling stupid. Then, you start laughing at yourself for putting yourself down. At some point, you will find that self-deprecation is a very good learning tool. At this point, you will find that you know very little of the universe at large and your combined awareness and acceptance leads to an overwhelming humility.

What little you know is based on what others say or what you have read in ancient tomes with long forgotten authors. You believe. You accept what your superiors tell you without question. Your opinions are based on what is popular and fashionable. You are superstitious and suspicious of people who think of new ideas that are different from yours.

You have seen how bad the world can be and you are afraid, angry or depressed. You blame others especially the authorities and power brokers for everything that is wrong, cannot accept or cannot control.

You resist external change. You wish the world would remain as it is or go back to what it was. In your mind, development is a bad word. It brings out the worst in people and only produces waste and ugliness.

You know that universal truths are absolute. Everything is either black or white, there are no gray areas. You believe that if someone is right, they cannot be wrong. You hold on to promises and rules as if they are unbreakable laws of the universe.
You are confused and desperate. You claim ownership of things you have and people you love. You attach yourself to ideas as if they are essential to your existence and identity.

You learn a few things that you never thought you could because you let it happen. You tried something new and liked it. You found out what confidence really means. You begin to think that you want more of it.

There are things you know. There are things you don't know. There are also things in between that you can't quite figure out. Although, you think you might, if you take the time to really try.

You admit your mistakes and explain your reasons. Some people think you are just making excuses. They could be right.

You realize that some people know more than you. You recall your past mistakes and understand how the situation could be better.

You feel that you can learn anything new if you are really interested or if you work hard for it. You are grateful to your teachers, guides and mentors who have taught you lessons in life. You are also grateful to those who have shown you your mistakes so you can learn from them.

You now know that you don't really know anything at all. Nobody really does. Every piece of information comes as a marvelous curiosity. You understand that you can only interpret based on your past experiences. But, a big part of reality is still hidden in plain sight because you do not have the ability to sense it yet.

You are now in the process of taking an inventory of your knowledge, skills and abilities. You take note of what you can and cannot yet do. You want to develop your strengths further and find ways to complement or strengthen your weaknesses.

You relate everything you experience to everything else. You see a pattern emerging in all the chaos of nature and the synthetic order of civilization. You know that belief is a concept created for keeping people from thinking for themselves.

In the process of looking for your identity, you completely lost your sense of self. You have found your humanity. Now, you clearly know who you are in relation to the universe and all of life.

You have applied your knowledge and powers to achieve your goals. You assist other people in their own endeavors. You are guiding others in developing their own set of powers.

You are pellucid. You are hyperaware and know what is happening with anything, anywhere at any time, all the time. Everything is accounted for. People around you think you have supernatural powers because of your seeming omniscience. Your chaotic universe is well organized and well documented.

Now, you know the path to Intelligence. Take this guide and go forth on your journey to Acceptance. The video below is an exercise in acceptance. Try to hold on to two contradicting thoughts, ideas or concepts long enough to validate the possibility of the existence of both. See where that leads you.

Photo credits: Kirsty Hall

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