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RPG Attribute: Wisdom

"As human beings, our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world ... as in being able to remake ourselves."  Mahatma Gandhi

WIS (Wisdom)
The Game interprets WIS as awareness of the self in relation to your external context. It is a score of how much you know about your strengths and weaknesses, patterns of thought and emotion, frameworks of judgment and perception, belief systems and decision processes.

As an adventurer, you will feel that going through your levels of awareness is like travelling through time from the moment you could identify yourself as an individual. As you grew in time (age) and in space (size), you're WIS also developed. Start from 3 and grow your self up to where you feel are now.

You have no idea what you are good at or good for, or if you are good at anything, or even if you are good at all. You are just here trying to have as much fun as you can without really thinking about grown-up stuff like responsibility and plans. You let other people decide for you and you are perfectly content with that.

 It feels as though "being right" is of utmost importance.  You are also always seeking approval of people who are important to you. And, you are trying with all your might to reconcile those two forces.

You firmly believe in traditions, rituals and good habits. They are periodic and predictable. They also give you a comforting sense of regularity.

You try to control yourself and you impose your own values on others. These values were taken directly from very important people. Of course, there is only one best way of doing things. Your way.

You identify yourself with a group of people with similar interests and similar backgrounds. You attach your judgments based on what is common, popular and the generally accepted norm.

You had a realization. Something happened and you got to thinking that there's something not quite right.  Maybe you read a book, watched a movie, talked with someone, heard an impressive speaker, or met someone whose controversial ideas somehow makes sense. You begin to think that the world isn't the world you always thought it was.

You consider yourself a reasonable person. You think that going an a spontaneous trip could be a better idea because some planned events don't really push through and are less fun. But, you plan them anyway. You have annual resolutions and promise yourself that you will change some of your bad habits... at some convenient time in the future.

 You sense that the universe is trying to tell you something. You seem to be meeting the right people at the right time. You are listening more and observing a lot of things that you haven't noticed before. Things that have always been right there in front of you.

You are becoming more active in your search for the answers to the unspoken questions. You are beginning to ask more questions rather than just thinking about them.

You have awakened to life in the present. You are aware of your place in the universe. You have a faint idea of why, but you are not 100% sure yet. You now see truth and reality for what they are. You are pretty certain that the answer to life, the universe and everything might just be closer to 42 than you previously thought.

You allow the universe to happen as it should and as it does. You realized that the only thing you can control is your own intention that cascades into your actions and into reality. Your goals are only useful in that they give you direction and provide focus for your energies, but what happens is always what needs to happen.

You have decided to choose happiness for the self. You realized that happiness only happens now in the present, not n the unreachable hoping for the future or the distant wistful memory of the past.

You have listed the things you want to do before you die. One by one, you check them off your list.

You have long-term strategic goals and casual short-term goals. You are always open for creative spontaneity. You have boundless capacity for change. You are aware of your abilities and and undeveloped capabilities.  On rare occasions, you still give yourself the benefit of the doubt.

You have achieved most of your goals and you know for sure that the rest will be accomplished  in time. You are on the brink of either asking or answering one of the most important questions of your life, "Now what?"

You optimize our strengths and supplement your chosen weakness with well developed strategies. You are ready to transcend beyond who you thought you were. You have a distinct sense that you are not just an individual, but an organic part of an eternally beautiful universal existence just like everything and everyone else.

And, as a novice hero with increasing WIS and awareness of your own powers, you will need to learn connect with people you save. Here's why.

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