Sunday, July 31, 2011

Standard Abilities: Cantrips 3 of 3

The negative cantrips are separated to give it less influence over the rest of the magic words. These ancient "mot du mal" must be seen and observed with caution. Vocalizing them is forbidden. In fact, it is best if you can avoid imagining the sound that they make. They are broken down into non syllables to protect new players such as your self. Remember, these words are listed so you can avoid enunciating them. Watch yourself throughout the day as sometimes you may blurt them out without thinking. Do not chastise your self  too much. Know that you have made a mistake and learn.

Impersonal Cantrips

o ka -  y  :   The epitome of ambiguity, this vitriolic word does not signify any meaning whatsoever. It pretends to evoke a positive tinge, but the true meaning lies within uncertain terms. It means you are not sure or you are not fully committed to answer a given question. Use the cantrips Yes or No to counter this sneaky word.

ma - yb - e  :   A lower form of the word above, it is an insidious curse that transparently presents full uncertainty. But, again, it is a waste of breath and life force. A more complex counter is required, "I don't know." Practice these three words with full conviction.

p - rom - i - se  :  Not even the highest ranked Oracle can invoke this very dangerous word. The best Seers have been known to foresee the events in the far future, but they do not and can not attempt to claim full certainty of what has not yet happened. Be careful with this word for sometimes it comes disguised as a proof of love, which you must remember it is not.

n - eve - r  :  This is the dark twin of the previous word. It means exactly the same thing, a false prediction in a temporal context. Speakers of this word are condemned to encumbered dreams burdened with white lies and unfulfilled predictions.

t  -  ry  :  Do. Instead of casting this cantrip use Go or Start.

qu - ick  : Used to be known as the haste spell, it was given an easier and faster verbal component. It promotes impulsive behavior and intensifies feelings of impatience. Always remember the saying for its counter-cantrip, "If you are in a hurry, Wait."

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