Saturday, July 30, 2011

Standard Abilities: Cantrips 2 of 3

Interpersonal Cantrips

These are magic words you can safely use on other players or even with regular citizens. They capture deep meaning with or even without explanations. They convey succinctly without prejudice or pretense.

(SMILE): This spell requires no sounds. It has a somatic component of contracting both zygomatic and obicularis muscles of the face. A longer entry will be dedicated to this singular most powerful cantrip available to all. Higher level Smile spells can be learned for higher chances of casting success.

NO: The most useful cantrip for Tanks and Healers. It has an interdimensional capability of temporal expansion. It gives its caster more time to do the things that are important to them.

YES: An enabler, this cantrip is instantly a favorite of Bards and Champions. Adventurers are allowed multiple uses of the word within a day, but every succeeding use is diminished without the complementary Extrapersonal Cantrip of Done.

NOW: There are times when a task needs to be done by another player or by non-player characters. Delays and excuses can be given, but inevitably some tasks can and MUST be done immediately. Invoke this once in a blue moon to give it power. Its energy comes from the gravity of factors affecting the whole universe. 

CHILL: Whenever interacting with other Terrans, an adventurer must always keep this cantrip at the back of his mind. No amount of rage or pleading will give you more influence than you already have. Use this with the Smile cantrip for added chance of success.

SHARE: The world can be a better place if we all just shared with each other. This cantrip is a minor auric spell that can be developed into a full-fledged power spell that can be cast once per day and will last for 24 hours.

WIN: Adventurers must no longer look for win-win situations because it presupposed there are two disparate goals that must be achieved. All adventurers must train to look for a single common goal for all concerned parties when performing a collaborative task. Only one win is needed for one goal.

Extrapersonal Cantrips

These words are used on tasks. They help adventurers move forward if they are stuck. They allow adventurers to admit mistakes and move on. Most of all using these cantrips keep them observing and aware of their current status in a particular quest.

START: Closely related to the Intrapersonal Go, this word focuses on a task that is being pushed aside.

PUSH: Once a task has been started, sometimes it needs a follow-through. Push can give you just the right amount of additional force to get things moving.

PULL: There are times when a task is being rushed or getting disorganized. Pull gives adventurers the chance to pause and pull the necessary resources to do a task properly.

DONE: This cantrip wards off the Hounds of Perfection that keep adventurers from completing a task. Once something is good enough, anyone can cast this cantrip and get it over with.

QUIT: There are critical moments when you know that you just have to Stop and Start all over again. Quit formalizes a chain of events where adventurers must face the reality of failure and learn from it. This is not a bad thing. Casting this cantrip requires a small celebratory ritual once casting is successful.

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