Saturday, July 30, 2011

Standard Abilities: Cantrips 1 of 3

Cantrips are single-word spells that all adventurers in any class or skill level can invoke as much as they can as often as they need. Cantrips wield powerful magic that are overlooked by most citizens, underused by a lot of new adventurers and misused by the misguided. The importance of these collection of verbs cannot be overemphasized. Use them and use them well. At any given day, select 3 to 5 cantrips that you can easily wield from the tip of your tongue throughout your sphere of influence.

There are 4 types of Cantrips: Intrapersonal, Extrapersonal, Interpersonal and Impersonal. Impersonal Cantrips come from dark magic and should be avoided at all times. The forbidden words are listed so that adventurers can invoke the skill of Selective Inattention which prevents them from inadvertently voicing the words. For this post, the first type is listed.

Intrapersonal Cantrips

(SNAP): Not a word but a sound. It is an easy way out of a rut. Just snap out of it. Use the somatic component of clicking your metacarpals to perform the required resonance of bone and skin. Every time you snap, you will also remind yourself of a happy thought and a recent blessing as simple as being able to take a full breath.

GO: Do what you know you want even if you don't feel like it. In the three dimensions of willful action, the motivation axis is a critical factor to doing. Go reminds us that we have already decided on doing something, or it reminds us that we have the desire to do it amidst actual difficulties and perceived barriers. This cantrip is useful for psychic attacks of risk aversion and shyness. 

STAY: Sometimes it is better to  linger in an area of relative safety (e.g. a pan) than escaping into danger (e.g. fire). This cantrip is diametrically opposed to Go and must be used with full awareness of a situation. This cantrip is only effective for the psychic attacks of doom and gloom. Actual risk assessment must be done for more complex situations. 

STOP: There are times when an adventurer becomes obsessive or compulsive or worse, both. This cantrip can be used on the self supplemented by SNAP and other higher level skills such as Will Power. This is also effective for overtly irrational behavior. Dan Ariely, a well-known Guardian, is a master of this cantrip and must be consulted for the application of Stop to the arcane discipline of behavioral economics.

WAIT: Closely related to Stay, this cantrip focuses on impatient adventurers. The saying goes, "if you are in a hurry, wait." There is very little use for rushing. All efficiencies must have been done prior to any crisis. Panic stricken adventurers can use this with a Resilience check. Once a panic attack is recognized, Wait can be invoked in the same round.

MOVE: The spider web of low energy levels, the Goblins of Distraction and the paralyzing gaze of the Basilisk of Procrastination are easy targets for this very effective cantrip. This word can bring forth immediate action if used on a regular basis.

REST: High performing adventurers must carry this cantrip with them at all times. Even for just five minutes in the middle of a busy schedule is a good duration of Rest for recharging energy levels. Use with Move for better benefits. 

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