Friday, July 29, 2011

Terran Journey: POWERS

Attribute-based Powers

The Game allows all players to learn every power available. Prerequisites to learning or training in a specific power may vary. Most attribute-based power will require a minimum of a 12 score for the corresponding attribute. Higher level powers will definitely require higher attribute scores. This is the the initial list. There are basic powers that have no requisites. There are also advanced powers that have more requirements.

Pertinence (~WIS) Intrapersonal Powers
- Relevance
- Presence
- Awareness
- Authenticity
- Phase Out (Duration: 2-5mins.)
- Inicio Ritwal
- Fiero

Openness (~INT) Extrapersonal Powers
- Perceptua
- Tolerance
- Acceptance
- Autotelos
- Cognizar (Verbal: "Shto!")
- Metacognos (Somatic: squint)
- Sarado Ritwal
- Assignos

Worth (~STR) Suprapersonal Powers
- Efficacy
- Likeability (Somatic: maxillo-obicularis contractions)
- Friendliness
- Influence
- Trustworthiness
- Trustpropensity
- Bardsong: Lore of Success
- Kinestetkos (Somatic: Ehersisyo)
- Autonomie Ritwal (Habitue)
- Munkamemória

Endurance (~CON) Entropersonal Powers
- Patience of a Tree
- Fortituto de Boondock
- Recharge
- Vigor

Resilience (~DEX) Transpersonal Powers
- Acceptance
- Insight
- Neoteny
- Blend
- Learning Curve
- Zero Waste

Synthesis (~CHA) Interpersonal Powers
- Judgment
- Empathos
- Synectica
- Syncreta
- Semiotica
- Silencia
- Verhalten

If you have 8 minutes, you can improve your Listening power with this piece by Julian Treasure.

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