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Standard Abilities: Cantrips 3 of 3

The negative cantrips are separated to give it less influence over the rest of the magic words. These ancient "mot du mal" must be seen and observed with caution. Vocalizing them is forbidden. In fact, it is best if you can avoid imagining the sound that they make. They are broken down into non syllables to protect new players such as your self. Remember, these words are listed so you can avoid enunciating them. Watch yourself throughout the day as sometimes you may blurt them out without thinking. Do not chastise your self  too much. Know that you have made a mistake and learn.

Impersonal Cantrips

o ka -  y  :   The epitome of ambiguity, this vitriolic word does not signify any meaning whatsoever. It pretends to evoke a positive tinge, but the true meaning lies within uncertain terms. It means you are not sure or you are not fully committed to answer a given question. Use the cantrips Yes or No to counter this sneaky word.

ma - yb - e  :   A lower form of the word above, it is an insidious curse that transparently presents full uncertainty. But, again, it is a waste of breath and life force. A more complex counter is required, "I don't know." Practice these three words with full conviction.

p - rom - i - se  :  Not even the highest ranked Oracle can invoke this very dangerous word. The best Seers have been known to foresee the events in the far future, but they do not and can not attempt to claim full certainty of what has not yet happened. Be careful with this word for sometimes it comes disguised as a proof of love, which you must remember it is not.

n - eve - r  :  This is the dark twin of the previous word. It means exactly the same thing, a false prediction in a temporal context. Speakers of this word are condemned to encumbered dreams burdened with white lies and unfulfilled predictions.

t  -  ry  :  Do. Instead of casting this cantrip use Go or Start.

qu - ick  : Used to be known as the haste spell, it was given an easier and faster verbal component. It promotes impulsive behavior and intensifies feelings of impatience. Always remember the saying for its counter-cantrip, "If you are in a hurry, Wait."

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Standard Abilities: Cantrips 2 of 3

Interpersonal Cantrips

These are magic words you can safely use on other players or even with regular citizens. They capture deep meaning with or even without explanations. They convey succinctly without prejudice or pretense.

(SMILE): This spell requires no sounds. It has a somatic component of contracting both zygomatic and obicularis muscles of the face. A longer entry will be dedicated to this singular most powerful cantrip available to all. Higher level Smile spells can be learned for higher chances of casting success.

NO: The most useful cantrip for Tanks and Healers. It has an interdimensional capability of temporal expansion. It gives its caster more time to do the things that are important to them.

YES: An enabler, this cantrip is instantly a favorite of Bards and Champions. Adventurers are allowed multiple uses of the word within a day, but every succeeding use is diminished without the complementary Extrapersonal Cantrip of Done.

NOW: There are times when a task needs to be done by another player or by non-player characters. Delays and excuses can be given, but inevitably some tasks can and MUST be done immediately. Invoke this once in a blue moon to give it power. Its energy comes from the gravity of factors affecting the whole universe. 

CHILL: Whenever interacting with other Terrans, an adventurer must always keep this cantrip at the back of his mind. No amount of rage or pleading will give you more influence than you already have. Use this with the Smile cantrip for added chance of success.

SHARE: The world can be a better place if we all just shared with each other. This cantrip is a minor auric spell that can be developed into a full-fledged power spell that can be cast once per day and will last for 24 hours.

WIN: Adventurers must no longer look for win-win situations because it presupposed there are two disparate goals that must be achieved. All adventurers must train to look for a single common goal for all concerned parties when performing a collaborative task. Only one win is needed for one goal.

Extrapersonal Cantrips

These words are used on tasks. They help adventurers move forward if they are stuck. They allow adventurers to admit mistakes and move on. Most of all using these cantrips keep them observing and aware of their current status in a particular quest.

START: Closely related to the Intrapersonal Go, this word focuses on a task that is being pushed aside.

PUSH: Once a task has been started, sometimes it needs a follow-through. Push can give you just the right amount of additional force to get things moving.

PULL: There are times when a task is being rushed or getting disorganized. Pull gives adventurers the chance to pause and pull the necessary resources to do a task properly.

DONE: This cantrip wards off the Hounds of Perfection that keep adventurers from completing a task. Once something is good enough, anyone can cast this cantrip and get it over with.

QUIT: There are critical moments when you know that you just have to Stop and Start all over again. Quit formalizes a chain of events where adventurers must face the reality of failure and learn from it. This is not a bad thing. Casting this cantrip requires a small celebratory ritual once casting is successful.

Standard Abilities: Cantrips 1 of 3

Cantrips are single-word spells that all adventurers in any class or skill level can invoke as much as they can as often as they need. Cantrips wield powerful magic that are overlooked by most citizens, underused by a lot of new adventurers and misused by the misguided. The importance of these collection of verbs cannot be overemphasized. Use them and use them well. At any given day, select 3 to 5 cantrips that you can easily wield from the tip of your tongue throughout your sphere of influence.

There are 4 types of Cantrips: Intrapersonal, Extrapersonal, Interpersonal and Impersonal. Impersonal Cantrips come from dark magic and should be avoided at all times. The forbidden words are listed so that adventurers can invoke the skill of Selective Inattention which prevents them from inadvertently voicing the words. For this post, the first type is listed.

Intrapersonal Cantrips

(SNAP): Not a word but a sound. It is an easy way out of a rut. Just snap out of it. Use the somatic component of clicking your metacarpals to perform the required resonance of bone and skin. Every time you snap, you will also remind yourself of a happy thought and a recent blessing as simple as being able to take a full breath.

GO: Do what you know you want even if you don't feel like it. In the three dimensions of willful action, the motivation axis is a critical factor to doing. Go reminds us that we have already decided on doing something, or it reminds us that we have the desire to do it amidst actual difficulties and perceived barriers. This cantrip is useful for psychic attacks of risk aversion and shyness. 

STAY: Sometimes it is better to  linger in an area of relative safety (e.g. a pan) than escaping into danger (e.g. fire). This cantrip is diametrically opposed to Go and must be used with full awareness of a situation. This cantrip is only effective for the psychic attacks of doom and gloom. Actual risk assessment must be done for more complex situations. 

STOP: There are times when an adventurer becomes obsessive or compulsive or worse, both. This cantrip can be used on the self supplemented by SNAP and other higher level skills such as Will Power. This is also effective for overtly irrational behavior. Dan Ariely, a well-known Guardian, is a master of this cantrip and must be consulted for the application of Stop to the arcane discipline of behavioral economics.

WAIT: Closely related to Stay, this cantrip focuses on impatient adventurers. The saying goes, "if you are in a hurry, wait." There is very little use for rushing. All efficiencies must have been done prior to any crisis. Panic stricken adventurers can use this with a Resilience check. Once a panic attack is recognized, Wait can be invoked in the same round.

MOVE: The spider web of low energy levels, the Goblins of Distraction and the paralyzing gaze of the Basilisk of Procrastination are easy targets for this very effective cantrip. This word can bring forth immediate action if used on a regular basis.

REST: High performing adventurers must carry this cantrip with them at all times. Even for just five minutes in the middle of a busy schedule is a good duration of Rest for recharging energy levels. Use with Move for better benefits. 

Multi-Genre Character Classes

The Terran Journey will be adapted to other RPG genres. The main difference will be in the core classes. Here is a preview of adapted characters corresponding to the original fantasy classes.

In the SF version, there are three available types for each class corresponding to three prototypes: Post-Human, Inter-Human and Non-Human. For instance, for Rogue Ranger, Post-Humans have Sapients, Inter-Humans have Sharpers, and Non-Humans have Vitrovia.

For Cyberpunks, the 3 types correspond to localized professions within the city-state: Downtown, Midtown and Uptown.

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Terran Journey: POWERS

Attribute-based Powers

The Game allows all players to learn every power available. Prerequisites to learning or training in a specific power may vary. Most attribute-based power will require a minimum of a 12 score for the corresponding attribute. Higher level powers will definitely require higher attribute scores. This is the the initial list. There are basic powers that have no requisites. There are also advanced powers that have more requirements.

Pertinence (~WIS) Intrapersonal Powers
- Relevance
- Presence
- Awareness
- Authenticity
- Phase Out (Duration: 2-5mins.)
- Inicio Ritwal
- Fiero

Openness (~INT) Extrapersonal Powers
- Perceptua
- Tolerance
- Acceptance
- Autotelos
- Cognizar (Verbal: "Shto!")
- Metacognos (Somatic: squint)
- Sarado Ritwal
- Assignos

Worth (~STR) Suprapersonal Powers
- Efficacy
- Likeability (Somatic: maxillo-obicularis contractions)
- Friendliness
- Influence
- Trustworthiness
- Trustpropensity
- Bardsong: Lore of Success
- Kinestetkos (Somatic: Ehersisyo)
- Autonomie Ritwal (Habitue)
- Munkamemória

Endurance (~CON) Entropersonal Powers
- Patience of a Tree
- Fortituto de Boondock
- Recharge
- Vigor

Resilience (~DEX) Transpersonal Powers
- Acceptance
- Insight
- Neoteny
- Blend
- Learning Curve
- Zero Waste

Synthesis (~CHA) Interpersonal Powers
- Judgment
- Empathos
- Synectica
- Syncreta
- Semiotica
- Silencia
- Verhalten

If you have 8 minutes, you can improve your Listening power with this piece by Julian Treasure.

Terran Journey: SKILLS

In The Game, all adventurers can learn the different powers and skills available. Powers are arranged according to attributes. Skills are organized according to classes. Adventurers of a class have proficiency for the corresponding skills under their class. This means that they can use their class skills immediately. They can also learn the other skills once they have achieved expertise in at least one of their class skills. Here is a list of some available skills and short descriptions.


- Decode Ambiguity: Know the real meaning of what is being expressed.
- Unlock Conversation: Open locked conversations with ease using ideation tools.
- Dodge Social Traps: Your social agility allows you to save yourself or an ally from corners and dead-ends.

- Topic Precision: You get to the point without missing a step.
- Persistent Action: Get an extra turn for consistent activities towards an objective.
- Quality Selection: You have a keen sense for excellence.

- Atlas Shoulders: You can accept the worldly burdens of allies. Use once a day when rested.
- Backup Boost: You have energy reserved for critical moments. Duration depends on Endurance.
- Hexalite Armor: Deflect emotional and psychic damage with armor that is stronger than diamond.

- Helping Hands: Physical work for the benefit of others. Success roll using Resilience.
- Healing Words: A spell that brings inspiration and intuitive concordance to an ally.
- Aura of Comfort: Your presence provides sanctuary to both friend and foe.

- Fighting Chance: All quest-related activities get a +1 on success.
- Bonus Attack: Get an extra turn for every miss or mistake in a regular round.
- Mitigation: Your awareness of your flaws and weaknesses allow you to defend yourself more effectively.

- Critical Focus: Full attention to a task can give you the leading edge towards success.
- Stunning Blow: Giving a task the full weight of your Efficacy & Synthesis creates a job well done.
- Extended Charge: Building on Endurance, you can continue on a task longer than expected.

- Illumination (Brilliance): You bring clarity to obscure ideas.
- Interwebify: You connect the right ideas to create an entirely new idea altogether.
- Pandora: A great idea pops out of nowhere.

- Sense Intent: Tacit understanding of people based on body language and nuanced expression.
- Bolt of Incision: You cut to the chase and find out what people want.
- Mirror Image: You mirror other people and figure out where they are coming from.

- Spellbind (Enthrall): You invoke inspiration using words.
- Prescience: You have a longer time frame to look into the foreseeable future.
- Identify: You can figure out what is what.

- Transmute: Transform ideas into different permutations.
- Solidify: Bring forth ideas into the real world.
- Preception (Inception): Create different perspectives and points of view.

- Will Blade of Grass: Allowance for fortitude and resilience rolls.
- Tree of Patience: Temporal management ability for waiting.
- Stone of Stepping: You can move through difficult times using one step at a time.

- Defensive Stance: Planting yourself heavily on the ground, you can withstand regular attacks.
- Blind Side Combat: You see your enemy's weakness and use it to your advantage.
- Head-on Charge: Bracing yourself, you can attack with full confidence.

- Amaze (Awe): Your charisma helps you connect with other adventurers.
- Felicity: Invoke positive energy. Number of use depends on Synthesis.
- Song of Wonder: Your performances can evoke different wonderful effects.

- Find Direction: Know where you are and where you are gonig.
- Phase Wall (Blink). Break down barriers to action and go where they say you couldn't.
- Feather Fall (Fly). Helpful when you step off cliffs or fall into traps.

- Command (Word): Tell someone to do a task without explaining yourself.
- Echo: Send a message across a distance even with multiple barriers.
- Brute: Force success upon a task.

- Inspire: Influence your tribe to achieve something without you telling them to do it.
- Instigate: Initiate a course of action.
- Involve: Find other leaders and enablers to empower your tribe.

- Gray Scale (Neutralize Poison): Sometimes removing the tints and shades provide a better view.
- Fortitude: Add +1 bonus to tolerance.
- Yield: Allow something to happen without barriers or difficulty.

- Seed (Nurture): Sow great ideas.
- Elaborate: Spread untold stories to propagate positivity.
- Engage: Connect with people and ideas.

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Adventurer Class: ROGUE RANGER

"You live for a higher purpose, be wise and discerning."

Mighty one, you have definite ideas about how things should be. You believe in maintaining standards and you hold yourself (and others) accountable to those standards. You are meticulous. You are oftenattracted to work that require a great deal of attention to detail.

You like the idea of neatness and order, but not necessarily the practicality of being clean. You are rarely warm and cuddly, but you make great efforts to be sincere and honest. You are a trustworthy friend who will be there when your loved ones need you.

You believe in having principles in life. That is why you are attracted to organizations with values you identify with. Traditionally, rogue-rangers are involved with religious, political and civil societies. You enjoy seeing things clearly in black and white and avoid anything that are compromising, uncertain and ambiguous. You are good at concentrating at one task at a time and get annoyed with interruptions. You are careful, thorough and disciplined.

You need to practice looking at situations from different perspectives. Try to open your mind to different ways of thinking. Allow yourself the flexibility of different possibilities.

Practical Quests:
1. Develop your appreciation for humor. Watch comedy shows. Laugh with friends.
2. Avoid the word "should", try using "I want to..." or "I don't want to..."
3. Observe yourself when you are being sarcastic or cynical.
4. Observe other people's reactions when you are being sarcastic or cynical.
5. Find a safe outlet for your negative emotions, especially anger.
6. Learn to forgive yourself.
7. Realize that not being perfect does not mean you are not good, great or excellent.
8. Avoid fantasizing about changing people.
9. Try to relax several times a day.

Character Class List

Adventurer Class: TANK HEALER

"Nurture yourself and others, your own well-being will help you give more compassion and goodwill to those who need you."

Tank Healers are the ultimate support characters. You are most probably a great leader in the service of others. You are motivated by your desire to create and develop meaningful relationships. You engineer strong bonds with people in order to discover yourself and figure out how you can actively participate in people's lives. You work hard to cultivate a strong social network through your family, school, workplace, profession, or pastimes.

You have a strong need for validation from those around you. This may be conscious or unconscious but your energy comes from an expectation for gratitude and acknowledgement. Just be careful to leave enough time and energy to take care of your own needs.

Your greatest challenge is to find strength in self-love and independence. Only then can you truly allow yourself to genuinely serve others.

Practical Quests:
1. Alot a weekly "me" time.
2. Practice saying, "No."
3. List sincere reasons for not being able to help. "I need to finish something." Or, "My schedule will not allow this."
4. Find joy in helping in little ways. You do not have to overgive all the time.
5. Avoid co-dependent relationships. Do not rescue people. Allow others to be responsible for themselves.
5. Try working within your job description every now and then.

Character Class List

Adventurer Class: CHAMPION WARRIOR

You are a hero. But, not because you dare to save the world. You live to fight and win. Champion Warriors are born to succeed. You have great physical stamina and usually strive to take a task to completion, no matter how difficult. You have a tendency to work yourself to exhaustion. This is your strength and your weakness. It is a challenge for you to find extended periods of time for your own enjoyment and for your loved ones.

As you develop your skills, realize that you set an example to others. But, you also must realize not everyone can be as hardworking and excellence-driven as you. Learn to appreciate the small successes of others. Your greatest challenge is to find time to stop and smell the flowers.

Practical Quests:
1. When planning your week, schedule time to spend for specific people in your life even just for a non-working lunch or dinner.
2. Do volunteer work that does not advance your goals or career whatsoever.
3. Become aware of your working persona and your true self. Acknowledging the difference is the beginning of finding your true self.
4. Try to play games for fun and not to win.
5. Take a vacation and leave all your worries and communication devices at home.

Adventurer Class: NINJA CHEVALIER

Honorable Ninja, your loyalty has been tried, tested and proven. You stand your ground even at the most difficult situations. You value security and tradition. You are known to take on the tasks that nobody else wants to touch.

When you are introduced to new ideas, you hold back to see whether it will stand the test of time. Whether you admit it or not, you are afraid of the unknown. You comfort yourself by holding on to your strong beliefs and committing yourself to them.

Ninja are preoccupied with preparing for the future. You might be given to worry, which is not necessarily a bad thing. But, this can be disruptive if you stop living in the present. You enjoy being a team member because you are completely aware that there is strength in numbers.

Practical Quests:
1. Think of the compliments you have received, believe in them.
2. Try to believe that you can still change.
3. Realize that there is no one "right" way.
4. Reality check regularly with people.
4.1 Practice asking, "What do you mean?"
4.2 Use paraphrasing, "Do you mean that..."
4.3 Check facts.
4.4 Don't believe in gossip
5. Learn relaxation techniques.

Adventurer Class: BARD EXPLORER

Salutations, my felicitous Bard. You are the entertainer of the group. You know how to enjoy life and you have the distinct skill of turning work into play. You are the constant optimist. With your exuberance, you constantly create a growing network of friends and acquaintances.

As an explorer, you value freedom and you love exercising your freedom by try different things at the same time. This makes it hard for you to bring tasks to completion. Once you have started on a project, you tend to get distracted by other opportunities and possibilities.

You are very talented at improvising and innovating. And, you can do almost anything. This is not so much a talent as it is a skill of quick learning or learning on the fly.

You are the kind of person people like to have around - funny, charming and flexible. You are interested in everything and most everybody. This makes you very popular.

Your greatest challenge is to focus and concentrate on a task and stick with it to the very end. More often than not, time is the grounding factor for Bard Explorers. After all those experiences, you can then find the value of appreciating rather than accumulating.

Practical Quests:
1. Develop good health rituals of sleeping, eating and exercise.
2. Count blessings. Write it down. List a hundred.
3. Face reality by also looking at the negative side of the situation.
4. In a conversation, try to listen more than you speak.
5. Tell stories that are not about you.
6. Seriously consider working for yourself.

Adventurer Class: BARBARIAN CHIEF

All mighty chief, you are confident and strong. You are grounded in physical reality and your aura of authority makes you seem larger than life. Your extreme vulnerability is hidden deep within your armor of vigor and independence.

Your courage allows you to protect the weak and helpless. Your defensive nature leads you to quick reactions. And, you might find it hard to control these emotions especially anger.

Like most barbarians, you need a way to channel your explosive energy. You may do this thru physical activity like martial arts or other strenuous sports that also require mental discipline.

Practical Quests:
1. Join a team or a martial arts dojo.
2. Realize that not everyone is as strong as you.
3. Show your weak side to someone you love.
4. Show your appreciation clearly and directly.
5. If you have strong feelings about an issue, write it down, read it to yourself and rewrite it. Repeat until the written version reflects the true essence of the issue presented in a coherent flow of thought. Then, read it out loud to those who are concerned.

Adventurer Class: MONK DRUID

O peaceful one, you have the distinct skill of bringing people together. You are the symbol of harmony in any group. You value compromise, cooperation and collaboration.

You always see shades of gray and find it quite difficult to take sides. You know that there is no best side and that all sides have valid points. This is why you find it hard to make your own decisions.

As a druid, you are keeper of the status quo. You do not like change that are fast. You believe that development should follow the speed of a tree's growth. As such, your movements may also follow a slower pace. You could possibly cultivate the patience of a tree.

You prefer the simpler things in life, but find it hard to throw old things away. You are one of the most powerful characters, but you wisely wield your power only to restore balance.

You have the ability to see things in all the available perspectives. You are open to new concepts and ideas.

Practical Quests:
1. Ask friends out to a movie you want to watch.
2. List your interests and join a club or a group.
3. Give yourself a time limit when deciding on an issue.
3.1. Instead of answering, "I don't know." Try, "I'll let you know by tomorrow."
4. Make a schedule. Follow your schedule.
5. Do not delay your feelings too long and build up emotion. Feel it now, express it with good intention and then let it go.

Adventurer Class: SEER ALCHEMIST

Whereas Mages use the power of emotions, you, great Seer draw power from the mind. In the deep silence of your inner strength, you observe the world and realize truths that are not obvious to everyone around you. You explore how things work on a fundamental level. You are highly analytic and see both the bigger picture and the smallest details. You have excellent powers of concentration and get immersed in topics that are of interest to you.

You have an amazing talent to deconstruct reality and put it back together again and sometimes in a wonderful new way. You actively absorb information and only share your wisdom when you are absolutely sure of what you have to say. This makes you sensitive when others dismiss your words, but proud Alchemists are also known to easily dismiss the ideas of those they see as less worthy.

One of your greatest difficulties is finding the right timing in utilizing your vast knowledge. It is sometimes baffling that all the information you have collected are hardly used for your own practical benefit. That is why you must make the extra effort to develop good communication skills.

Others may see you as unemotional, but the truth is that your lack of expressiveness does not reflect a lack of feeling. Your feelings are deep and unwavering, they change slowly over time like the seasons and not quickly like the Mages or the weather.

Some specialized Seers are also shamanic. They have the ability to go to the roots af a complex problem, giving them the ability to think outside the box. Your greatest challenge is to find some way of connecting with others, so that you can participate in the community that lies beyond your mental world.

Practical Quests:
1. In conversations, try talking in 2-3 short sentences.
2. Do not try to prove a point, just exchange ideas.
3. Let others know that they are important to you.
4. Give to others for no reason at all.
5. Try activities that allow you to interact more with people. Find any opportunity to express yourself verbally.

Character Class List

Adventurer Class: MAGE EMPATH

Magic-User, you have the ability for great power because you have the compelling desire to look beneath the surface of life. You do not accept everything for what it seems. Instead, you go deep beneath the waves.

Emotionally sensitive and intense, you can be a psychic sponge, quick to absorb the feelings and attitudes of those around you. If you hone this power, you may have the ability to detect the difference between projected images and your own authentic feelings. This power makes you prone to mood shifts and emotional overload. This is best handled by taking the time off spending time apart from other people.

Mages are a great appreciator of beauty and the arts. You notice colors, textures, nuances and other subtle dimensions of the physical world and your environment. Motivated by the desire to connect with what is real and authentic in life, you are willing to sacrifice a great deal to make this connection. You are happiest when doing original work that  expresses what you feel inside; you are not afraid to draw upon your deep emotions for creative purposes.

Your greatest challenge is to develop the kind of interpersonal awareness that can help you utilize your emotional wisdom without being trapped by emotions.

Practical Quests:
1. Maximize your creative potential. Enrol in an art, music or writing class.
2. Notice the good qualities you like in other people and develop them in yourself.
3. Make connections with people who have a lot in common with you.
4. When talking to people, be direct and specific with what you want and what you don't want.
5. Find time when you are feeling jolly to tell loved ones that it is sometimes okay to leave you alone when you are feeling emotional. Also, emphasize that you always appreciate their helpful gestures.
6. Hold 2 two thoughts at a time. In one your professional judgments, create two distinct opinions. They may be opposing, they may be complementary. One must be based on how you feel, the other must be objective and void of emotional nuance. Hold these two thoughts and consider them both valid. Weigh both sides and then enhance each side with a component from the other. Then, come up with your final decision.

Character Class List

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RPG Attribute: Charisma

“When you enchant people, your goal is not to make money from them or to get them to do what you want, but to fill them with great delight.” Guy Kawasaki

CHA: Charisma (Synthesis)
represents your character's ability to connect with concepts, ideas and other Terrans. Through connections, your character generates goodwill and trust within your spheres of influence. A person's likability is determined by CHA. This attribute also affects the way people react to your words, actions and your overall presence. The extent of your character's auric power is determined by this attribute's score.

Nobody likes you. You like no one.

Your mother forgives you.

Only your mother cares what happens to you. You don't even care.
Everyone suspects you are up to no good. Your so-called friends are social deviants and criminals.
Some people suspect that you might be up to no good most of the time.
A secret few have seen that you're really not a bad person after all, and they are not even your friends.

You have at least one good friend who was there when you needed someone. You also have a few acquaintances who have done you favors. You try to return the favors when you can and if they ask. You are slow to trust strangers.

The first impression people have of you is that you are either aloof or shy. But, you know well enough that you could be fun and likable once they get to know you long enough. You are not good with negotiations so you don't even try. Conflict and arguments make you uncomfortable.

You are in a transition period. You feel trapped in a cocoon or inside your own shell. You want to break free but you are afraid that it is not yet the right time. You are wondering what is taking so long. You hope to get your wings soon.

You know that everyone just wants to be happy.  The problem is, people can't agree on the "how." You stopped waiting and break out of your self-imposed chains. You start to join the conversation.

More and more people are starting to listen to you.
You are listening more intently to more people.

You know what it takes to influence others. You see synergy at work.

You identify common goals with everyone you meet or work with. You have stopped looking for win-win situations anymore because with a common goal, a singular win is all everyone needs.

You share everything you know with anyone who needs it without looking for compensation. You realize that there is an unlimited universal flow of resources that cycles and that you are a critical part of. You believe in civility.
You get along with everyone even with people who are not nice. You have no enemies. You always find a pleasant way of working with people. You are highly connected. You know all the right people for anything that anyone needs. You are trusted.

Synthesis is not just influencing people. It also means your capacity to be influenced by great ideas. The malleability of your behavior improves how you are perceived because it reflects your confidence and security with your own values. Take for instance this 4-minute talk. Graham Hill makes a great case for pseudo-vegetarianism or alternatively you may want to call it quasi-carnivorism. How much sway does he have on you? There is no argument against his words. So, listen to your own excuses and think about it for a while.

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RPG Attribute: Dexterity

"I've missed more than 9,000 shots in my career. I've lost almost 300 games. 26 times I've been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I've failed over and over and over again in my life and that is why I succeed." - Michael Jordan

DEX (Dexterity) Resilience
Dexterity is a measure of agility and speed, and in The Game we will refer to DEX as a representation of your character's Resilience. It measures how fast you can bounce back from setbacks. It measures your agility when dealing with drastic changes that affect your daily life. This attribute is important for characters who want to thrive during crisis situations and learn as much as they can from moments of failure.

Reflex is a special DEX save from impulsive reactions. During times of uncertainty and unexpected events, our base instincts may take over our actions. Adventurers with low DEX are quick to react to these triggers, while high DEX will give Adventurers enough quick wit to understand all pertinent factors before taking action.

Every time you make a mistake, you are devastated. You learn nothing from your errant ways. When you lose a job or a loved one, you feel like it's the end of the world. And, for you, sometimes it really is.
You are extremely competitive and you want to win because you hate losing.
You are set in your ways and you believe it is futile to change.
You are argumentative and confrontational. You treat discussions and conversations as debates. You see all forms of communication as venues to assert your opinion. All offense against you and and the people you identify with are personal.
It takes little to make you happy. You want to live a simple life without risk and danger. It also takes little to upset you.
You remember regretful times and you wish you could just forget them.

When you lose something or lose at something, it takes a while for you to let go and move on, just like everyone else.

You try to convince yourself that you have no regrets or you don't believe in regrets.

When everything goes wrong, you just know that something has to change somehow. After a number of denials and heartaches, you realize that change can only come from yourself.

When you make mistakes, you admit that you are responsible for what happens next, for how you recover and for how you manage the consequences.

You see the world objectively and know what you want. You start to try to do things and expect the best but prepare for the worst.

You are failing so many times and that's just expected. Frustration is no longer an option. Skepticism, pessimism and sarcasm are concepts you no longer use.

You accept both positive and negative aspects of life. You know that maintaining a cool disposition is important in achieving your goals and improving your overall happiness as well as the well-being of the people around you.

You realize that you have regrets but accept that they are an indisputable part of life.

On rare occasions that errors happen, you have foreseen the scenario and you know exactly what to do to make it better. You then make adjustments so that similar errors do not happen again.

You have made all the mistakes you need and now you can anticipate them before they happen. You expect that failure is a requirement for learning. You know how to take calculated risks and mitigate foreseeable challenges. People see you as brave and daring. You see yourself the same way with the knowledge that you can survive any outcome. You don't gamble.

From disabled to super-abled, Aimee Mullins shows the world how one can exceed limitations beyond anybody expected including herself..

Another Adventurer with exceedingly high DEX, Caroline Casey's resilience gives her a 19 score I think. Here's a side quest for you: Think of an area in your life that you can't do or improve by yourself, an area where you need help. Just one thing. Then approach a random person, from a stranger to a loved one, tell them your problem or challenge and admit to them, "I need help."

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RPG Attribute: Constitution

"You suck. And, that's okay. Just don't quit." Evhen Farmiga

"It is only by going through a volume of work that you will close that gap, and your work will be as good as your ambitions. It’s gonna take awhile. It’s normal to take awhile. You’ve just gotta fight your way through."  Ira Glass

CON (Constitution) Endurance
Constitution is an indication of your character's longer term capabilities. Follow Through and Focused Attention are skills directly affected by your CON score. Champions have particularly high scores in CON because they realize that they need to persist early on.

It is an important attribute because it determines your level of patience, your capacity to wait and your energy levels at all states of mind and physiology. Definitely, to be able to forge on when times are tough you will need extra amounts of energy. CON can be developed by practicing energizing strategies like active rest, meditation and exercise.

Fortitude is a special CON skill that helps adventurers endure a perceived difficulty, distraction or annoyance. Fortitude also grounds your character in heightened times of joy and celebration. The basic learning that training the Fortitude skill is that everything changes and that "this too will pass." As your CON scores go up, observe your energy levels periodically or at episodic intervals: right after you wake up, before, during and after any task, in times of relaxation, leisure and rest, when you reach home and just before retiring for the day.

You are irritable and angry all the time. You are very impatient with yourself and others. People talk about your legendary temper.

You are always tired or exhausted and you don't know why.

You just work on the task at hand. You try to close yourself off from others.

You are always distracted and thinking of other concerns. You worry about the future and you worry about the past. You try to multitask but to no avail.

You have no expectations. You live one day at a time with no zest or joy.

You are always in a hurry because you are always late.

You get boosts of energy from external sources like coffee, peer pressure and pride. You firmly believe that it is your right as a customer to complain when service is bad. You might give a tip when the service is really good.

You realize all your excuses were made for your convenience. They hinder you from being consistent and from continuously moving forward. Now, you know what you should not do. It is time to figure out what you must do.

You are analyzing the important things you have been doing. You understand that you impose your own limits. You are beginning to observe the main themes, barriers, mindsets that hinder you from achieving what you can.

You realize that you need to live in the present. Here and now.

You start to develop your energy-enhancing skills.

You are more focused than ever before. Once you lock on to a specific goal you can stretch yourself easily.

Your well-being comes from within as well as without.

You are steadfast and patient. Ongoing quests and operations are doing good. All projects come to fruition. Your focus is impeccable. Your attention is unwavering.

People are happy to work with you and for you. You enjoy working with them and for them. Life is a never ending source of wonder and vitality. You source your happiness from the beauty of the mundane as well as the magnificence of what is.

You go beyond what you expect of yourself and you do it cheerfully and energetically. You have enough time for rest and leisure activities. You have an infectious positive presence. When you come into the room, a vibrant resonance is palpable. You are in harmony with the rhythm of the universe.

Needless to say, to improve your CON you need time. Just keep at it. Once you find what you want to do for the rest of your life, do not quit. Do it because you want to, because you love to. Becoming good and then great at it takes time. Take your time.

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